Options Expiration Calendar

A downloadable version of this calendar is available. See below.

Source: CBOE Options Expiration Calendar. Information is believed to be accurate as of 01/02/2013, but may be subject to change.

Options Expiration Calendar — Download CSV File

You may download the 2013 Options Expiration Calendar CSV File for your personal use. Attribution is required for reuse, as described below.

  • This file is provided as is.
  • No technical support is provided.

Note: I originally created this Options Expiration Calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2007, exported the information into a CSV formatted file, and imported it into Google Calendar. You can see the result in the Google Calendar displayed above.

If you find an error in the calendar’s dates, please let me know.


  • Download the 2013 Options Expiration Calendar CSV File.
  • Save it to your computer.
  • Back up any Calendar files (including Outlook PST files) before importing this CSV file.
  • Import the Options Expiration Calendar CSV file into your personal calendar program.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar Users

If you are using Outlook, I recommend that you:

  • Create a new calendar.
  • Import the CSV file that you downloaded above into the new calendar.
  • You may merge the new calendar into your existing calendar, or overlay the new calendar with your existing calendar.

I use the overlay technique. It seems to work well, and keeps my trading, business, and personal calendars completely separate.

Note that this file is NOT set to generate reminders when imported into Outlook. You may change this behavior by editing the “Reminder” column from FALSE to TRUE.

Creative Commons License

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The file is licensed as follows:

Creative Commons License2013 Options Expiration Calendar by Michael Griffis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

You may reuse this file as long as it is attributed as follows:

2013 Options Expiration Calendar by Michael Griffis at mikegriffis.com.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available. Contact Michael Griffis for information.