Economic Indicators For Dummies

Economic Indicators For Dummies by Michael GriffisEconomic Indicators For Dummies is for people who have no intention of becoming economics experts. This book uses everyday language and avoids economic jargon whenever possible. It shows you how to put economic indicators to use — right away — for your investment and business planning.

This book provides everything you need to know to determine the current economic situation and maybe even forecast the economic future. This book is perfect for individual investors who are looking to improve their investment strategies — even if your only investments are in your 401(k) retirement plan. It’s also for business leaders and business managers looking to improve their business plans.

Economic Indicators For Dummies shows you how to interpret this critical information to make solid investments, aid in business planning, and help develop informed decisions.

Here’s What You’ll Find in Economic Indicators For Dummies

  • Economic Indicators 101
    A refresher on the terminology you’ll encounter in this book as well as plain-English explanations of common economic jargon
  • Spending the wealth
    Understand how consumer spending is the driving force behind an economy, where consumer dollars go, and who has money to spend
  • Large and in charge
    Discover how tracking the largest economic sectors — healthcare, automobile manufacturing, and housing — is an excellent way to determine the economy’s current health
  • Fight inflation
    Find out how to monitor the economy for signs of inflation, rising employee compensation costs, and falling productivity
  • Look globally
    Decipher important international indicators if you’re considering investing in overseas markets

Economic Indicators For Dummies is now available at your favorite local bookstore or internet bookseller.



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