About Mike Griffis and mikegriffis.com

My name is Mike Griffis. I’m an author, trader, speaker, and business owner.

I first became an active trader in the mid-1980s — trading for my own account. As a stock broker during the 1990s, I helped businesses and individuals manage employee and personal investments. Today, I trade only for my personal account.

Before the blog age, when the Internet was new and shiny, I began writing online about stocks and investing. It led to my first book, Trading For Dummies, which is now in its second edition. Economic Indicators For Dummies is my latest book.

I also have business interests in two marketing agencies, Griffis Marketing and Zello Partners, that help clients address traditional and Internet marketing challenges. Through these agencies, I’m able to incorporate my economic knowledge and skills with economic indicators to help clients fine-tune their marketing forecasts.

This website is my new internet home where you’ll find my thoughts about the economy and the stock market. You’re welcome to share your thoughts here as well.